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The Farm

In the Roman religion Ceres (in Latin: Ceres, Cereris and in Oscan: Kerri, Kerres or Kerria) was a maternal deity of the earth and fertility, guardian deity of crops, but also the goddess of birth, since all flowers, fruit and living beings were considered her gifts. In fact, it was thought that she taught humans how to cultivate fields.

The structure, an old dairy in the heart of Carovigno that supplied milk to the whole town, dates back to the end of the 19th century. It is only 14 km from the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and 50 km from the Ionian coast.


Entering the farm, we find a large stone square and a pine forest that protects all the rooms from the sun. Going down a few steps, you find yourself at the edge of the pool, with its original dark color, accessible to guests.

An expanse of green lawn surrounds the pool area with olive, almond and various fruit trees.


Puglia is also world-famous for its Mediterranean cuisine, characterized by typical and genuine produce. The farm has its own family-run garden, from which guests can collect and taste zero-kilometer fruits and vegetables. Guests may adopt and cultivate a mini garden remotely via a special smartphone app.


Donkeys, horses, goats, chickens, peacocks and turkeys are just some of the farm's VIP guests. Children and adults may photograph them and observe their harmony with humans.


You can rent electric bikes within the facility and plan outings in close contact with nature.


The Cecere family loves to share typical lunches and dinners with the facility’s guests, also organizing small, convivial gatherings (serving meatballs, panzerotti, meat, peppers etc.).